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Trillium Vicinity DIPA x Darkness on the Edge of Town

Trillium Vicinity DIPA x Darkness on the Edge of Town
Springsteen and Trillium
Darkness on the Edge of Town – Bruce Springsteen and Vicinity – Trillium Brewing

The promised can.


Drink: Vicinity Double IPA – Trillium Brewing
Song: Darkness on the Edge of Town – Bruce Springsteen

You know Ba-ruuuuuuuce. Everyman from everywhere USA. This is the album where he perfected that. Darkness on the Edge of Town tells tales of heartbreak and a longing for something different. Not just a longing, though, but a burning desire to reach and stretch for something else, something beside what’s been given and expected. The characters are born with a lot in life and carry the burden of want. As the songs roll by you can feel some of these people want more out of life, some want just something exciting, some want forgiveness, some want love, but they all want something else. Springsteen put this album together to get you to feel like you are or you know a blue collar factory worker that spends the drive home thinking about if this is all their is. You can see it all over the album, take a look at these lines from “Something in the Night”

 “You’re born with nothing, and better off that way / Soon as you’ve got something they send someone to try and take it away / You can ride this road ’til dawn, without another human being in sight / Just kids wasted on something in the night.”

There are some in this album who take their desire for feeling and focus it into getting away and moving on. Where the characters in “Streets of Fire” and “Factory” are weighed down by their lives, the ones Springsteen writes about in “Prove it All Night” and “Darkness on the Edge of Town” use their lives as fuel to keep moving in any direction.

Vicinity Double IPA by Trillium Brewing fits right in with this album. Trillium is known for their “New England” style IPAs. Using the hops in such a way as to keep the bitterness they usually give off to a minimum but bringing forward the ripe tropical fruit notes that hops can hold. Springsteen’s Darkness shows that desire and want can do both, too. If you use it like everyone else, you get bitterness, harsh earth, and the standard. If you get creative and do things others aren’t you can extract the sweet fruit.

When you open the can you get washed over with ripe mango, pineapple, and oranges. The beer pours a murky orange with a fluffy white head, it looks so inviting. Take a sip and it throws a creamy fruit sorbet feel over your palate. The beer has a softness that you don’t usually get from a Double IPA, and it’s very nice. All the notes you smell in the glass are right their in the beer. It’s seriously on point. As the record spins on from side A to side B you get woken back up with a punch of harmonica and a tune about a street racer in “The Promised Land” and the beer starts to warm up a bit and opens up more over-ripe tropical fruits. The creamy texture turns to a bit of a light malt sweetness. Like the milk from a bowl of Grape Nuts. Finish off the 16oz can with the titular “Darkness on the Edge of Town” at the end of the album  and get yourself wanting more. More truth, more life, more desire, more action, and more beer.

Sip & Spin

If you need to get your hand on this record (you do) you can grab it here:

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